Making land work
for everyone

We are a think and do tank that supports people managing land for the common good.

At Shared Assets we believe that land is a common good that should deliver shared benefits for everyone.

We provide practical advice, support and training to landowners and communities who want to manage land as a sustainable and productive asset.

We also undertake research, policy and advocacy work to help create an environment where common good models of land management can flourish.

We feed learning from this and all our other work into advocacy, campaigning, and new innovations like Land Explorer, Unlocking Networks and Parks Academy.

Introducing Land Explorer

Common good land use requires quality information. Land Explorer is our new map-based website, displaying key information on UK land in a simple and engaging way

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We love to explore and discuss land-use topics, so don't be shy - join us online and let us know all about your ideas and issues!

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Latest news and opinion

Blog articles, news and opinion pieces from the Shared Assets team

Restructuring society through doing business

Hannah Gardiner, our new Consultancy and Innovation Manager started with us in August and attended inspiring conferences in October in the contrasting locations of Bogota and Cumbernauld. Here she shares her reflections on systems change and social enterprise.

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A new stewardship model for Ebbsfleet

We are delighted to have been commissioned by Ebbsfleet Development Corporation to develop a long term stewardship model for the parks, opens spaces and community assets being created in the UK’s newest garden city.

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New Commons & Public Land

Paula Renzel undertook a student placement at Shared Assets this year as part of the final term of her BA in Politics at Goldsmiths College. Here she shares her thinking on the links between the theoretical work of the economist Elinor Ostrom and the reality of the management of public land by Organic Lea, a London based food growing coop.

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