About us

At Shared Assets we make land work for everyone.

We support the development of new models of managing land that are sustainable and productive, create livelihoods, enhance the environment, and involve local people in making decisions about the places they care about.

We provide advice, support and training, undertake research, and advocate for changes in the way we manage land.

Shared Assets is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, with the aim of developing and promoting new models of common good land use. Since we launched in 2012 we have rapidly developed a growing reputation as experts in this pioneering field.

Meet the team

Shared Assets is run by a small, dedicated, team with a unique mix of environmental, community development, research and built environment expertise.

Mark Walton

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Mark established Shared Assets in 2012.  He has over 20 years experience of working with communities on environmental issues and contributes his expertise across the full range of Shared Assets work, including our policy, research, advocacy, and advice and support services.

He has acted as an advisor to Defra, DCLG, and the Canal and River Trust, on issues such as working with civil society, asset transfer, and community engagement. Mark has a BSc in Biological Sciences from Birmingham University, a Diploma in Public Administration from Warwick Business School and is a 2012 Clore Social Fellow.

He lives on a narrowboat and is currently travelling the U.K.’s waterways.

Kate Swade

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Kate has been with Shared Assets since 2012, and is currently leading on a lot of our consultancy work with local authorities and social enterprises, alongside developing new projects.

She has over 10 years experience of community led regeneration and of working with groups of people to take more control of their environments, most recently working with ambitious community-led property projects at Coin Street community builders.

Kate is a trustee and chair of the estates committee at Toynbee Hall, and was a 2013 Clore Social Fellow, which helped her recognise the systemic nature of all of this work, and complete some research into systems thinking. She has a degree in Arabic and Politics, speaks good Spanish, and has a geeky appreciation for languages and how they work.

Tom Kenny

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Tom is a researcher. His role is to develop our understanding of how policy and other levers can create a system that is more advantageous to common good land use. This involves finding and talking to interesting people, lots of reading, and trying to get a range of different stakeholders interested in the key issues. Before Shared Assets Tom worked at NatCen Social Research.

He developed his interest in land whilst living at a permaculture community in Ecuador.

Isabella Coin

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Isabella joined Shared Assets in January 2016 as a Consultancy and Research Assistant.

Her work is divided between supporting the delivery of workshops and consultancy services, and assisting our research on how policy and practice can support common good land use. Isabella has recently completed an MSc in Environment and Development at the LSE, and holds a BA in French and Geography from Queen Mary, University of London.

For her master’s dissertation, Isabella researched the linkages between community food growing and food sovereignty; her interest in land, food and environmental justice has continued to grow ever since.

Jasmine Arnould


Jasmine joined the Shared Assets team in November 2016 as a Research and Communications Assistant. Her work includes supporting research for ongoing policy projects, delivering on the communications strategy, and helping out with events coordination.

Jasmine holds an MA in Social Anthropology from the University of St Andrews. She also recently completed an Msc in Environment, Politics and Development at SOAS, where her long-standing interest in environmental issues set off a drive for wider social change.

Paula Renzel

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Paula is in her third year of a BA in Politics at Goldsmiths College and has a long-standing interest in ecology and community-led initiatives for social change.

For her dissertation she is looking at the links between ecological and feminist critiques of the market and non-monetary valuation systems.

She is interning at Shared Assets as part of her degree and is doing some research on applying theories of commons management to public land in the UK, hoping for this to lay the ground stones for her future career.

Non-executive Directors

  • Lorraine Hart

    Lorraine is a town planner and researcher with 25 years experience of improving land and buildings for public benefit. She now works as a freelance consultant. For more information about the company she established visit communitylanduse.org.

  • Sylvia Brown

    Sylvia has been a community activist and parish councillor for the past 30 years. For 12 years she was Chief Executive of ACRE, the national rural charity, where she championed the role and rights of communities to shape their own future.

  • David Riddle

    David is a Chartered Surveyor specialising in the sustainable management of land and natural resources for public benefit. He worked for the National Trust for 25 years, latterly as its Director of Land Use. In 2011 he co-founded 3D Rural Surveyors.

  • Ian Morrison

    Ian is Head of Marketing and Communications at GLL Better, a charitable social enterprise that runs over 200 leisure / sports facilities & libraries. He provides leadership and guidance to the Board and Management Team from a marketing communications perspective.