Not for private profit

Shared Assets is a Community Interest Company which means that we do not operate for private profit. We act to benefit people and organisations across the U.K. who are currently managing land in ways that provide shared social, environmental and economic benefits, and those who seek to do so in the future. We call these people common good land users. 

As a social enterprise a significant amount of our income comes from commercial activities such as research and consultancy services that we provide for community, public and private sector clients. Most of our commercial clients are local authorities. 

During 2018-19 we reviewed how we work and in particular began to think about how we could make a bigger impact - enabling more common good land users to thrive and changing the land system so that it is more socially, economically and environmentally just. This led us to expand our research work and establish a new movement building function. 

Where our money comes from

As we have developed these areas of work the proportion of our income made up of grants from trusts and foundations has increased. Much of this funds project work such as our research with academic institutions, but we also currently receive some core funding from Necessity and the John Ellerman Foundation

What we spend it on

Most of our expenditure goes on staff and contractors to enable us to undertake our work. The rest is spent on legal and professional fees, premises costs (now reduced as we moved to distributed working during the pandemic) and administrative costs (increasingly dominated by the costs of web based tools and services). 

Pay policy

We are a Living Wage employer and do not provide unpaid internships other than for students for whom the internship is part of their programme of study.
We operate a four day / 28 hour standard working week. Our starting salary for a four day week is the equivalent of a five day / 35 hour salary at the London Living Wage as we aim to make a four day week sustainable for all staff.

Our policy is that the highest salary should never exceed 3 times the value of the lowest salary. 

Our starting salary is currently £20,000 for a four day week and our highest salary is currently £42,672 for a four day week.

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