Sadly our colleague Hannah has moved on from Shared Assets, to, among other things, study sustainable food systems at CAT. Hannah was hugely impactful in the couple of years she worked at Shared Assets, and we’ll miss her hugely! She wrote a few parting thoughts for us, which you can read below. Follow Hannah’s next adventures on twitter here. We are currently recruiting for a new Consultancy Coordinator – take a look at the job ad here.

I came to Shared Assets with a passion for changing the land system, in the understanding that it is one of the roots of inequality, essential for building local food systems and local economies, and for community empowerment. As recent reports have told, transforming land-use is also one of the essential elements in combating climate change and reaching an equilibrium with the planet we call home.

My journey here has only cemented my passion for this, and if you share this then you will find here a great team with whom to collaborate. Supporting the development of discourse around community food growing, stewardship in new developments, rethinking public spaces and ‘commons’, community ownership, and creating innovative governance and business models for land based initiatives. It is an exciting time, with ‘the land question’ starting to be raised in popular discourse, Shared Assets are connected into a network of like minded organisations and individuals who are campaigning for and making change.

Particularly whilst I have been working here I have focused on

This role is varied and challenging, working with many different organisations and in different places in the country it’s an interesting opportunity to know and connect with communities across the UK. Shared Assets also truly work in a different way, inspired by the idea of ‘Teal’ organisations. Regular strategy and development meetings mean the direction of the enterprise is co-created by all involved, and all are encouraged to bring ideas to the table and take initiative. Self-management can be daunting if coming from a more traditional organisation but is refreshing in enabling agile working and the freedom for innovation to happen. It also means you can blend life and work together in a way I have only achieved before when working in a freelance capacity – but with the support of a team.

For me, I have unanswered questions in my mind about how to make food production and consumption sustainable and I feel I need to go and answer them. I am sad to leave behind the most enjoyable job I have ever had, and I hope the mission to change the land system will continue and succeed!

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