Farming and food growing

Over 70% of the UK is agricultural land. Decisions about farmland, about what we feed ourselves, and how, will determine the future for all of us, no matter where we live and work.

Our approach to farming and food growing

We are proud to be part of a wide movement of people and organisations reimagining what farming and food growing could mean in the UK. We work with and support community-owned farms, agroecological farmers and those moving away from industrial agriculture. We have a particular interest in farming the urban fringe, and how revitalising our peri-urban areas could transform our cities for the better. We are also working to better understand how to support people from non-farming backgrounds into farming and food growing.

We carry out research – often as part of multidisciplinary teams – to develop robust and pragmatic policy and practical solutions. We also provide consultancy support to landowners wanting to better use farmland, and to community and social enterprise food and farming projects.


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