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Shared Assets as an employer

We're not just trying to change the land system, we want to change how we work too.

We want to be able to provide good work for people who share our mission and want everyone who works here to be supported to live a good life. We are building a self-managing and mutually supportive and accountable team where everyone has autonomy. We’re not striving to be entirely non-hierarchical, instead we’re establishing healthy and transparent power dynamics.

We are a 4 day week organisation and our pay policy ensures nobody earns less than the equivalent of a standard 5 day London Living Wage so that everyone in the organisation can afford to work a 4 day week. No one is paid more than three times that base salary. We set pay rises collaboratively and are experimenting with different ways of determining salaries, as well as broadening discussions about how Shared Assets values its team.

We use consent-based decision making and people have freedom within their roles to make decisions about how, when and where to best deliver their work. As a remote organisation we use lots of online tools alongside regular in-person team meetings.

Please note we are not currently offering internships.

7 members of the team laughing with each other on a London Street off Brick Lane

Open positions

Open positions

Resourcing and Relationships Coordinator

We're hiring a Resourcing and Relationship Coordinator to lead on developing and maintaining relationships with Shared Assets' key funders, stakeholders, institutions and individuals.

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