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We support collective learning related to working on and with the land, and the land justice movement, as we aim to change the land system.

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Land is fundamental to many of the social, economic and environmental justice issues we face, whether dealing with climate change, addressing racial inequity, tackling poverty, or creating a more sustainable food system. 

However, the issue of our unequal land system is not high on the public agenda here in the UK. We are working to find ways to popularise the evidence around historic and current land use and distribution, and create powerful narratives that capture imaginations about how land could be shared and used differently. 

Through our research, we seek to make an impact at a local and a systemic level. We want to create conditions that allow people and communities to thrive, and promote care for our land and environment.

We work with projects aimed at stewarding land for the benefit of their community, environment, and cultural heritage, to learn together about the changes their activities are having. Our research and learning work often includes exploring local and urban food production, access to land, and decision-making processes that empower communities. We aim to support and develop models of land stewardship that address structural inequalities and systemic exclusion, particularly for marginalised groups, and promote equitable distribution of the opportunities and benefits that land offers.

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We believe the approach, structures and intentions we use to do research and learning work are all equally vital in order to work for a better land system in the UK. We intend to keep developing these, and learning from them as an organisation, to make our work meaningful and transformative.

In our approach:

As a partner, we bring a number of qualities and approaches to our work that makes it meaningful and valuable to the people we work alongside to create the land system we want to see. These include:

We would be delighted to hear from people who would be interested in developing, collaborating on, or funding research and learning with Shared Assets.

Please get in touch at if you are interested in speaking with us about an idea or proposal, and we’ll be happy to have a chat. You may also want to look at our Support Packages page below to see if any of these would be of use to your group or organisation.

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Power to Change has worked with Shared Assets team on a number of projects, from the delivery of innovative project exploring the dynamics behind peer networks through to research reports and capabilities support focused on community ownership . We value Shared Assets as being a knowledgeable and engaged partner and are always happy to reach out to scope relevant opportunities
Fergus Arkley, Power to Change
I just wanted to thank you for today and express how fantastic I thought the meeting was. Some vitally important topics and so relevant right now.
Participant, Reimagining Public Farmland event


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