Movement building

We work in solidarity with others to grow
a movement for land justice
and to advocate for a just land system.

shared assets movement building

As part of a growing movement

We carry out our own projects and campaigns working for a socially just land system. Recently we have been working on creating new narratives and ways of communicating about land.

Our work is informed by ecology; systems and network thinking; group dynamics; solarpunk futurism; racial and reparative justice; self-management and consent-based decision making. We view ourselves as one actor within a wider ecosystem of practitioners, activists and researchers, all working to change the land system.

We believe that to create land systems which nurture people and ecosystems, we need to take care of how we organise together. We act according to solidarity principles - collaborating whilst redressing power and resource imbalance. We have been following Adrienne Maree Brown’s principle about moving at the ‘pace of trust’ whilst building relationships with people from different parts of the movement.

We recognise our position of privilege as a majority-white organisation within a mainly white sector and we want to use our position to help enable systemic change. We aim to build accountability and transparency into our work.

As infrastructure to the movement

We are striving to be a new kind of infrastructure for both practitioners and activists in the land sector.

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On a major new project, House of Annetta... Kate and Mark are supporting us with their expertise and intuition to create a new charity to pursue the decomodification of land and property across the UK. It is an honour and a pleasure to collaborate with Shared Assets on our plans and ideas.
Fran Edgerley, Assemble
Like most other people, I go to a lot of zoom webinars and things can start to get a bit stale after a while. But, I thought yesterdays session was absolutely brilliant - really inspiring - best thing I’ve been to for a long time
Participant, Losing Control network session
THANKYOU SO much for your time this afternoon - as ever so perspicacious, helpful and timely for us. Rather like a lighthouse throwing out beams of light as we corner yet another rocky cove wondering what’s ahead!
Lucy Neal, Forever Fishponds


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