Could you be part of a collective to help build, shape and share a set of shared resources for the land justice movement?

The background

There is a growing movement for equity in the UK’s land system. This movement for land justice consists of many different struggles, organisations and individuals whose work depends on land. We at Shared Assets have created a booklet to weave together differing and similar struggles that land connects, providing a resource to hold quality and useful resources in common. The booklet aims to shine light on the valuable resources that have been made available by different people and organisations, and enable collaborative learning through sharing with one another.

To get us started, we have collated a draft booklet of land justice resources here

We also created a land justice ecosystem map in 2021, which is forever evolving, and which we can collectively shape the future of! 

Who are these resources for?

The resources are by and for the land justice movement: through this booklet we aim to highlight different struggles related to land justice, and therefore broaden the definition of those within this movement.

These resources are for those who face and face up to land injustice: whether that is through fighting for housing rights, Travellers’ rights, racial justice, climate justice, community ownership, access to the countryside, or any other means. These shared resources will be for raising awareness, amplifying new narratives around land, and connecting people and their struggles. 

The prototype booklet is available to view here.

Collective Management + Feedback

This booklet aims to be a collaborative space, where a healthy flow of feedback, new resources, editing and review can be sustained. Through these mechanisms, the booklet aims to be dynamic, adaptable, and accountable to the movement that it serves. Following first stage creation, initial review and feedback will be gathered through small group steering sessions - which is where the 'comms collective' comes in.

The ecosystem map is useful for seeing all of the parts of the movement, and how they are connected, but it’s time to review and develop it so it continues to be useful. There are also other types of resourcing and communications - including regional and sector specific - to discuss as part of this collective process. 

Join the Comms Collective!

There are some areas of activism within land justice that are less resourced or for which the link to land justice is yet to be clearly made. We want resources and narratives to evolve with the movement and for it to continue to be useful for people who need resources to advocate for change, amplify diverse voices and reach new audiences. This means it’s important we shape our movement’s resources collectively! 

Read the flexible objectives for the comms collective here.

Do you want to be a part of building communications and resource infrastructure for land justice? We are initiating a collective of people to guide this process of building shared resources over three 2.5 hour sessions from mid June.

Please get in touch with us to get involved at letting us know what your interests and skills are in relation to the project, and your availability for the dates below.

You would need to commit to:

  • Being part of the collaborative steering group
  • An approach which develops collaborative infrastructure for a land justice movement 
  • Availability for 3 online sessions on Thurs 23rd June, Tues 5th July, and Tues 26th July, all 12.30-3pm.

We have the capacity to offer payment to a limited number of people so that they can participate in this project.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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