Shared Assets and Seeding Reparations are at the beginning of an exciting new project. We are collaborating on the creation of an action-oriented resource for people in the UK wanting to take action on reparations.

We are calling this project the Land Reparations Action Guidebook, and it is a development of work that started with Elsa Noterman on Rights of Way and Trespass.

Shared Assets works to provide infrastructure for the Land Justice Movement in the UK, by collaborating on resource creation, offering training and convening events and workshops. Their aim is to support a broad and just movement to shift the current land system, centering those experiencing the most dispossession and marginalisation. 

Since 2022 Seeding Reparations has been exploring how food system transformation organisations and activists can adopt reparations lens' within our work. From the disruption of indigenous food webs, to the introduction of harmful commodity markets, our food system and it's contemporary harms have been built on the legacies of enslavement, colonialism and exploitation. Knowing is one thing, but what do we do to address it? Who should take responsibility, what does redress look like? What role do you and I need to play? It's time to dig into the mechanisms of reparations, past and present.

This project is an opportunity to bring together people working on reparations, and the relevant decolonialist and anti-racist work, together with land justice to produce a practical guide to land reparations in the UK. This will be an interesting piece because the guide will be co-created, and those involved in the project will learn from each other through a series of creative and discursive workshops. The guide, although it will be informative, will orient the reader to where they can contribute to getting land reparations on the agenda, or how they can actively participate in reparative justice when it comes to land. 

There are 10 spaces, and we would like to bring together people with a diversity of perspectives, with priority to those from Black-led initiatives, but not exclusively. 

We can pay for travel, and can offer £25/hour per participant - approx £75 per workshop (location TBC and dependent on the group). Each participant would need to be available for all 3 workshops. The workshops will be held over three hours in the afternoon. We are exploring the weeks commencing Monday 29th April, Monday 27th May and Monday 14th July. Exact dates will be posted once we have confirmed them.

The group will be working with an artist to produce the Reparations Action Guide which would be produced under creative commons to be distributed to those working on land justice issues and to people who want to understand reparations better, and the role they can have in grassroots activism. This will be an open source resource authored by the participants.

Please fill in the form by Friday 5th April if you are interested.

We can have calls with you before applying or afterwards to hear what your needs and concerns are.

If you would like to ask us any questions, please contact Christabel or Olive. We will be selecting participants based on availability and the diversity of the group, and proximity to active land justice and reparations work. If you know any one who would potentially like to participate, please let us know.

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