Co-producing an online platform for the Healthy Parks Framework - 2023-2024

We are partnering with colleagues from The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment at University College London and Catherine Max to build on their two-year development with local authorities of the Healthy Parks Framework. This idea first emerged during the ‘Parks for Health’ project Shared Assets was previously involved in, in Camden and Islington. 

The Healthy Parks Framework is an evidence-based visual framework designed to help park managers and communities plan, manage, and assess their greenspaces to improve the health of residents and tackle health inequalities. Over the coming months it will be further developed into an interactive website or ‘platform’, and as part of this, a number of case studies and other resources are going to be created to provide advice and ideas for groups who might be interested in using the Framework as a tool. 

Part of this work is to do more engagement with potential users of the Framework, and Shared Assets is going to be hosting workshops in North and South London with different community stakeholders as a way to experiment with using the Framework in a local park. We will then write up case studies based on their experiences to be shared widely via the platform.

A North London Park (Photo credit: Catherine Max)

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