Grosvenor Square Garden, 2020-2021

We were first commissioned by Grosvenor Group in 2020 to undertake a review of governance options for Grosvenor Square Gardens, centrepiece of their Mayfair property portfolio and the second largest square in London. 

The governance review formed one element of the current work being undertaken to re-design the Square and had as a key objective increasing the meaningful involvement of the community in decision making and in the long term life of the Square. 

It included desk research, interviews and surveys of key stakeholders, an appraisal of governance options and examples of potential business models.

We were then recommissioned in 2021 to undertake additional work to further refine the options appraisal with a particular focus on the scope of operations of the new body. 

We also provided case studies of similar models, estimates of running costs and provided information on the potential for income generation for any potential new management body of the square.

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