Join us on 5 December for this participative event. A must for anyone interested in finding new solutions to land management.

Can land be managed as a ‘21st century commons’ that delivers mutual benefits to landowners and communities?

As public finances continue to tighten, local authorities, public agencies and other landowners are reviewing how they manage their land – including parks, woodlands, waterways and open green spaces. Handing responsibility for management to local volunteers, social enterprises or private sector contractors are all options, but each has their drawbacks. Reframing land as a ‘commons’, and developing shared approaches to its management and governance could unlock a wider range of social, economic and environmental benefits.

Shared Assets, New Start and Co-operatives UK invite you to join us for a day of discussion and knowledge sharing. We will explore the idea of places as ‘commons’, hear from organisations already involved in the shared management of land, and pinpoint the practical and policy measures needed to make this a reality.

Book your place and see the agenda here:

We will also launch two new reports:

  • “Making Land Work: case studies in collaboration” by Mark Walton and,
  • “Commons Sense: the capturing of land value to build commonwealth” edited by Pat Conaty, Martin Large and Co-operatives UK.

If you are interested in a finding solutions to local land management that go beyond a simple choice between the market and the state, then join us for a stimulating and challenging event exploring this important new agenda.

This will be an informal and partcipative event and we invite partcipants to join us afterwards in a nearby pub to continue the debate!

Julian Dobson
, founder, Urban Pollinators
Pat Conaty, Fellow, New Economics Foundation, Research Associate, Co-operatives UK and Research Associate, Community Finance Solutions, University of Salford
Gavin Saunders, Project Manager, Forestry Commission and co-founder and Director, Neroche Woodlanders
Kate Swade, Development Manager, Shared Assets
Mark Walton, Director and co-founder, Shared Assets

Panel members will include Lord Glasman and Robin Murray (LSE).

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