Larkhall Visioning, 2021

A commission by Larkhall Park Partnership Board, who oversee the management of the park and how ring-fenced money from capital developments around the park is spent. We have been working in collaboration with the Friends of Larkhall Park, key local stakeholders and local authority members to deliver a succinct visioning process for Larkhall park.

The general purpose of this project is to Support the Friends of Larkhall Park and other local community actors to establish the foundations of a robust community governance infrastructure for Larkhall Park and the surrounding area. 

During the summer of 2021, we hosted two online workshops with ten local stakeholders of Larkhall, such as sports clubs, residents associations and local community groups. We also attended two local authority consultation events for the children's playground in the park. At the end of September 2021, we presented our findings from our workshops at a local community forum event. Thus, it has allowed us to gain a variety of visions of local people regarding the future of the park and reflects the wide range of demographics in the local area. 

Currently, we are in the process of assisting the Friends of Larkhall Park in distributing a survey around the park that will gain the views of the Larkhall wider community and residents. The results of the survey and comments made at events that have already been hosted and attended by us will assist us in producing a vision implementation plan that LPPB FoLP can use to develop a prosperous future for the park. 

The values we bring to this project consist of providing an openness where stakeholders and community actors feel comfortable to discuss thoughts and feelings with us. As well as making sure they feel supported in those thoughts and feelings being listened to and actioned as appropriate.

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