Making Land Work: Success in Land-Based Social Enterprise, 2013-2015

Using 12 short films and case studies, Shared Assets captured the strengths of 12 community land projects from across the UK and created a microsite to share learning about what makes them work. This project was funded by the Tudor Trust

This project was developed to create an accessible space where many community groups and social enterprises that manage land would be able to learn peer to peer and gain insight and knowledge from those running similar projects. We also wanted to target this microsite at landowners who are unsure about how community land management can be executed well, and at policymakers who can find out how best to support the sector.

the front page of the "making land work" website
Image: our microsite, Making Land Work: Success in land based social enterprise.

We worked to support the following enterprises:

Shared Assets facilitated the outreach and capacity needed to create a platform where experiences from community enterprises could be shared for a greater benefit. We undertook active research to understand the ambitions, barriers and opportunities faced by community enterprises in running land-based projects. The result of the project was a coherent set of videos which are accessible to both community enterprises, local authorities and policy makers alike to understand and familiarise people with the visions and practicalities of community land projects.

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