We’re giving delegates at his year’s Locality Convention a chance to win a beautiful, hand carved wooden spoon by collecting a full set of our lovely new ‘trading cards’.

At this year’s Locality Convention we are launching our new ‘trading cards’ – a beautifully designed set of marketing materials produced for us by Lydia Thornley Design Ltd.

All of the delegates at the convention will receive a folder containing five cards from a set that we think represent the five key things that need to be in place to ensure successful collaboration between landowners and communities who want access to land.

However nobody at the Convention will have full set. Each delegate will have some duplicate cards and will need to swap with others to complete their collection. We hope this will provide a great excuse to break the ice with others, aid networking, and hopefully get people thinking about how we can make land work for everyone.

Any delegate who collects the full set and tweets us a picture of it to @shared_assets with the hashtag #locality13, will get entered into our prize draw to win one of three beautiful, hand-carved wooden spoons.

The spoons are all individually carved by woodworker ‘Barn The Spoon’. Barn is based just around the corner from our office in East London and works with green wood collected locally. He works closely with our local community managed woodland Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. You can read his blog here and follow him on Twitter @barnthespoon.

We know the wooden spoon is generally seen as being a bit of a booby prize, but we think these beautiful, handcrafted objects, made with wood from local public community woodlands, are something to treasure. They’re natural, sustainable and a great example of the livelihoods that can be created from managing our woodlands.

If you’re at Locality ’13 collect the set and tweet us your pictures!

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