Our River Commons

Shared Assets is working with Surge Cooperative to create a unique new community owned future for one of London’s tidal rivers. And if you live, work or study in the London Borough of Newham we need your help. 

We have entered a project proposal to Newham Council’s People Powered Places and if we are successful we will work together to create a new community-led governance body that will give local people a say in the future of the Channelsea river which borders Newham and Tower Hamlets in London. 

If you live, work or study in the Community Neighbourhood of Stratford & West Ham (that’s the wards of Stratford, West Ham and Stratford Olympic Park) please use this link to vote for Our River Commons - and up to 9 other great local projects! 

Voting closes on 12th November so please help us spread the word. 

If we are successful we will hold a series of creative and engaging public events for local residents, and technical workshops with key local stakeholders, to design and co-create an organisation that can provide stewardship of the river in ways that meet the wants and needs of local residents and which delivers benefits to the local economy, community and environment. 

The creation of this new stewardship organisation is mandated by a 2022 court order that requires the Port of London Authority (PLA) and Surge Cooperative to work together to establish a community ownership structure for the stretch of river from Channelsea bridge to the A13.

This stretch of river is currently undergoing huge development on both of its banks with more being planned over the coming decades. A new stewardship organisation provides the opportunity to ensure that the river becomes a place of community-led regeneration, with affordable housing, social enterprise and river restoration at its heart and that local people and community organisations have a say in its future. 

It will seek to transform the river from a boundary at the edge of the borough to a thriving, connected, and essential place that contributes to a green and resilient future for the area.

Vote for Our River Commons to receive the People Powered Places funding.

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