Shared Assets are teaming up with Seeding Reparations to to develop the Land Justice Action Guidebook in collaboration people working on land reparations and decolonialism.

This project will bring together ten people who are working on issues relating to land and decolonialism, reparative and racial justice and land reparations to produce a guide for activists already working on, or looking to support, the current work on reparations in the UK. The co-produced guide will give people a pathway to work towards reparative justice. The project will run until Summer 2024 and will build on work started by Elsa Notermann at Queen Mary's University.

This project will work to bring together people who are active in the land justice movement to define the situation of UK land reparations, and to help others to contribute to changing the land system by unpacking the role of repair and wealth redistribution, particularly through the lens of land reparations. This will be through the development of  open-source tools aimed at helping those interested in land justice to effect change through shared knowledge and practical tactics.

The Land Justice Action Guidebook, which is an evolving resource, and which already has a section on Trespass and Right of Access, will be developed during a process of three workshops, co-creation and artistic/design contribution. The Land Justice Action Guide will be build over time with different partners, and aims to encourage collective action for land justice. It will be open access - so can be shared and adapted widely.

The Action Guide will be used to organise with communities around the UK - shared through community organisers as well as the Communications Collective - a group of people and organisations, including Shared Assets - that are curating land justice resources.

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