We are currently looking for new Non-Executive Directors to join our board and help us to deliver a fundamental change in how we own, govern and manage land.

Shared Assets is a not for profit company limited by guarantee which started trading in June 2012.

We have had an extremely successful start-up. We have grown the business and secured a diverse spread of grant and consultancy income. We are also establishing a national and international reputation as an organisation with knowledge and expertise in the development of land based social enterprise and commons based approaches to the management and governance of land.

We are currently looking for new Non-Executive Directors to join the board and help us to develop the company from a start-up project to a healthy, respected and sustainable organisation capable of delivering a fundamental change in how we own, govern and manage land.

We are particularly seeking individuals with expertise in communications and marketing, enterprise development or in legal issues relating to land, but we would welcome hearing from anyone with an interest in, and commitment to, our vision and purpose.

Write to us to receive a copy of the job description.

Like all small organisations we need to make the most of all of the resources we have available to us. We have an active board who not only oversee the activities of the paid staff, but also undertake tasks themselves where this may be required in order to develop the business.

Shared Assets was established to make land work for everyone. We believe that society as a whole has an interest in land and natural resources and that they should be productively and sustainably managed in ways that improve the environment whilst creating shared social and economic benefits’,

We want to create a new relationship between the environment and people, one that is replenishing for both.

We believe this can be achieved through taking social enterprise approaches to the management of woodlands, waterways, green spaces and coastal areas, and modern commons-based approaches to their governance. Our work is based on principles of stewardship, collaboration, enterprise, environmental justice and social solidarity.

Our vision is the creation of a 21st century commons*.

If you are interested in this position, or would like to find out more about the role, please contact Mark Walton at mark@sharedassets.org.uk or on 07799 036515.

* commons = [resource] + [community] + [a set of social protocols]
(David Bollier “
Think Like A Commoner)”

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