Sustainable Food Forests: 2022-2023

The Sustainable Food Forests Project is commissioned by The Orchard Project and in collaboration with Shared Assets and The Soil Association. It is at the time when food sovereignty is needed alongside biodiverse landscapes and ecosystems - a food forest contributes to the possibilities of both. Finding out the social impact of these pilot food forests will help build an evidence base that these are a reliable method of both social and physical nourishment for life.

We as Shared Assets will be evaluating both the model and impact of the development of three different food forest pilots, based in Scotland and Wales, and producing a report to feed into future policies.

This work leads on from our interests in creating food sovereignty and reconnecting spaces with people so that they can both flourish and support each other. We hope to learn more about growing food in commons and how food forests support not only the healthy food access of those around it but also how the food forests will stimulate health.

Image: Elisa Hoo
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