FAQ: We are establishing a new land based project, how do we get planning permission?

We have produced a range of reports and resources for people seeking planning permission for food growing and woodland projects (see below). 

In general development which is necessary for the activity of farming or woodland management (such as barns or wood stores) can be undertaken using permitted development rights whilst development for activities that are subsidiary to that work (such as dwellings or classrooms) will need full planning permission. 

You should always seek advice from your local planning officer before investing in or starting work on a new development on your site - or investing in a new site that will require development before you can use it. 

Parks and public open spaces, or land that is in the green belt or has some kind of local or national conservation designation is likely to have particular planning restrictions that you will need to be aware of. 

Resources include:

Planning for the Common Good: Adapting the planning system for common good land use

Seeing the Wood and the Trees: Woodland Social Enterprises and The UK Planning System

The planning system and woodland social enterprises: a very short guide

An open spreadsheet of planning tools and resources for woodland social enterprises 

Understanding the planning system: a guide for smallholders and and community food enterprises

Essential rural workers’ accommodation for small-scale agriculture: a guide for local authorities

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