Sustain has published the Fringe Farming Toolkit, a final culmination of the Fringe Farming project which we worked on as partners over the last few years...

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The Fringe Farming Toolkit is for growers, campaigners and food partnerships to start farming the fringes of towns & cities. It is made up of practical guides on accessing land, navigating the planning system and getting local support for agroecological food growing.

The toolkit lays out practical steps and advice to help growers, aspiring growers, campaigners, food partnerships and local community groups wanting to progress either their own agroecological peri-urban market garden or the broader fringe farming movement. It should also be a handy resource for local and national authorities to boost the delivery of their economic, environmental, health, and food procurement strategies and objectives.

Each guide (or tool) of the toolkit addresses three key barriers:

  • Accessing land for agroecological food production
  • Understanding how the planning system works for fringe farms
  • Gaining local authority support for fringe farming

The toolkit is a joint effort between the Fringe Farming project and Sustainable Food Places, based on our experiences of working with food partnerships, with valuable input from pioneering consultants.

Find the toolkit through Sustain's website here.

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